Heb12 Ministries

Our goal is to make a usable, cross-platform Bible system

Go module to return text from OSIS Bible XML files

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Depreciated NPM module for using certain free Bible translations

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A python program to search bible verses when given a set of keywords

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The Heb12 API

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A simple Bible translation parser

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Heb12 re-written from the ground up in Python. This will be separated into seperate repositories later.

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Module to load a translation from file, and get a chapter or verse

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New website for Heb12

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A python module to get labs.bible.org NET data

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Read the bible on DOS

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This WebExtension for Heb12 allows you to click on the popup on the extension and search for a Bible verse.

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Mirror of https://github.com/heb12/heb12-electron

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