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10 months ago
  1. # Heb12 Roadmap
  2. A list of things that need to get done for Heb12, ordered by importance.
  3. Some keywords will be used to show progress: UNSTARTED, ABANDONED, and IN PROGRESS
  4. - Finish the Heb12 HTML/CSS/JS ui ( and implement everything
  5. included in [Heb12 Mobile]( or the electron version.
  6. - Clean up bugs/missing features in haplous and biblec. Also a quick note:
  7. haplous will be used in desktop and mobile apps, biblec is used in cli and the api.
  8. - Finish a backend for the desktop app
  9. - Finish the backend for the android app (soon, desktop and mobile will use
  10. same backend, but they are kept seperate for now)
  11. - Fix broken bugs in the new biblesearch (may need redesign)
  12. - Stabilize legacy biblesearch (rewrite in Go)
  13. - Finish the API code, specification, and installation scripts
  14. - Add all JSON translations to and