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  Daniel 591896114a Update test 9 months ago
  Daniel f27d0ad704 Update naming 10 months ago
  Daniel 7d3cd79f35 Use fbrp_parse and FbrpReference 10 months ago
  Daniel fd6fc22c3a
Markdown things 11 months ago
  Daniel e55f7bab3a Set the range values for chapter or verses 11 months ago
  Daniel bb50e436c3
Not everybody might understand what a Bible Reference Parser is 11 months ago
  Daniel d0f3f1840e Another test 1 year ago
  Daniel 888ff7bebf Rename r to range 1 year ago
  Daniel cb81d33fa2 Documentation 1 year ago
  Daniel 890e624ed6 Update 'README.md' 1 year ago
  Daniel 8aa73761cd Refamiliarize myself with the code, a few minimal changes 1 year ago
  Daniel d16da55ead Merge pull request 'Include the header file once only' (#2) from cc10978/fbrp:master into master 1 year ago
  cc10978 1b8198191c Include the header file once only 1 year ago
  Daniel d51c45c05b more small changes 1 year ago
  Daniel b9e800c732 Use struct address instead of telling compiler to mov 1 year ago
  Daniel 66bf5b826d Add string limits 1 year ago
  Daniel 61b9c44d9d Merge branch 'master' of https://code.heb12.com/Heb12/fbrp into HEAD 1 year ago
  Daniel 1751e124f0 Remove excess code and comments, code cleaning 1 year ago
  Daniel b713b016aa Update readme wording 1 year ago
  Daniel 84f1ffd694 Write a better test and ensure fbrp is ready for usage 1 year ago
  Daniel 5cbce4054a Forget the bug as it was deleted. Then remember the bug, 1 line. That only ytook 2 hours. 1 year ago
  Daniel 9e7d8ea974 Fix where null termination does not happen when last char is int 1 year ago
  Daniel d7d4160f45 String not null terminated. 1 year ago
  Daniel 8c0ae89a3e Realize that fixing a bug created another bug, spent 25 seconds fixing it 1 year ago
  Daniel 4b83911998 Fix parsing bug on line feed char (10), and fix bug where last char type is broken 1 year ago
  Daniel a1747987f3 Ignore trailing seperators 1 year ago
  Daniel 01ee95e4cb Forgot to save 1 year ago
  Daniel 285b71936f Thanks git I needed that 1 year ago
  Daniel 5f89644019 Small bug fixes and mainance 1 year ago
  Daniel e0235cdab6 Small bug fixes and mainance 1 year ago
  Daniel 4331015cac Update MIT license 1 year ago
  Daniel 4ac74635a7 Small bug fixes 1 year ago
  Daniel 09c329755c Actually, no. Reverse that. 1 year ago
  Daniel ad80070a20 Use header file 1 year ago
  Daniel d99a2f94f7 Fix 1 year ago
  Daniel 0c2e78505f Fbrp changes 1 year ago
  Daniel 23325212d1 Replace 4 spaces with tabs 1 year ago
  Daniel 37c5006112 Code cleanup 1 year ago
  Daniel 9bd4b8231e Use enum 1 year ago
  Daniel 1f41452a23 Update 'README.md' 1 year ago
  Daniel 81c1645973 Complete rewrite to fit modern needs. It is much more advanced 1 year ago
  Daniel ce4c3e8b62 add two spaces 1 year ago
  Daniel c3e4925c45 Update 'README.md' 1 year ago
  Daniel 174fbc63f6 Clean up the code, and simplify it. The reader parses into a struct 1 year ago
  Daniel 493a417c9d Unimportant bugs 1 year ago
  Daniel ab4dd04634 Cleanup 1 year ago
  Daniel 8995fca22c Merge branch 'master' of https://code.heb12.com/heb12/fbrp 1 year ago
  Daniel e3e2a468dd Complete logic change, now supports ranges, but not multiples. 1 year ago
  Daniel 8dd79bfa24 Update 'README.md' 1 year ago
  Daniel 15edc01041 Update 'README.md' 1 year ago