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  Daniel 14f290496e Remove #location 1 month ago
  Daniel f7491c05fa Update test.c 2 months ago
  Daniel e70251a20c No underscore in struct names 4 months ago
  Daniel aa417d9940 Remove useless casestrcmp 5 months ago
  Daniel 244feb9c53 typo 5 months ago
  Daniel e3ba5c214d Case insensitive book finding, fix some bound checks 5 months ago
  Daniel 0c72dbb8f4 Some bound checks 5 months ago
  Daniel 4a5da42485 Readme wording 6 months ago
  Daniel c265bca7aa Add some BIBLEC_ 6 months ago
  Daniel 905777e8ca biblec.h 6 months ago
  Daniel ef00807cf3 Name changes 6 months ago
  Daniel 8b9ede4966 Rename book -> books for consistency 6 months ago
  Daniel a8cf1c7d28 Extended tests 6 months ago
  Daniel 88f3230f90 Add test 6 months ago
  Daniel 8d1eec7494 biblec_next return opposite value 6 months ago
  Daniel 51e586f728 Add some notes 6 months ago
  Daniel 89a6a37301 biblec namespace 7 months ago
  Daniel 17d60735e1 Update API 7 months ago
  Daniel 9f7a736fbc Merge pull request 'Include the header file once only and Increase the maximum verse length' (#1) from cc10978/biblec:master into master 8 months ago
  cc10978 fd6d0144f0 Increase the maximum verse length 8 months ago
  cc10978 3e63f0cd1e Include the header file once only 8 months ago
  Daniel 5a7496a18d Cleanup 11 months ago
  Daniel 635875e35c Cleanup 11 months ago
  Daniel bfa12b9642 Fix bad code 1 year ago
  Daniel 4e6bc6fef8 Auto detect .t location 1 year ago
  Daniel be3cf2653c Somebody thought it was a good idea to use 4 spaces 1 year ago
  Daniel 8513420b8d Change txt to t, add \ns 1 year ago
  Daniel 82a3b319d4 Join getLine into reader_new. They belong to eachother. Also implemented functionality to grab an entire chapter. Just send 0 as to. 1 year ago
  Daniel efc17e6b64 Small naming changes 1 year ago
  Daniel c5c52a6fb4 Final logic change for release 1 year ago
  Daniel b4c0da6d4c Performance 1 year ago
  Daniel e096caf0fa Add file to test.c 1 year ago
  Daniel 83dc1d4368 Update 'README.md' 1 year ago
  Daniel 097c38c53d Compiler and DOS small issues 1 year ago
  Daniel 2a6b99fda1 Bugs and comments 1 year ago
  Daniel c50c2834b2 Some happy little mistakes 1 year ago
  Daniel 4b25aa822a Cleanup 1 year ago
  Daniel 147286c48d Use chapters on next line. Update the example, it works! 1 year ago
  Daniel e11cdfb2e4 Write initial index parser, may change later. 1 year ago
  Daniel 3bfc45a49f Remove file 1 year ago
  Daniel 50660d66ae Clean up C files, and implement BibleC index file compiling. Also cleaned up JS file a bit. 1 year ago
  Daniel 66e6b9b98b Clean up C files, and implement BibleC index file compiling. Also cleaned up JS file a bit. 1 year ago
  Daniel c36de62a9d Fix 1 year ago
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