Heb12 API Setup Script
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Heb12 API Setup Script


Will consume around 5 gigabytes. Most is for hosting Bible data,
the rest is for packages (which you probably have anyway).

Pull the repository, and run “make”. Should be fairly straightforward.



make remove

Apache2 Configuration

DocumentRoot /var/www/api
ServerName api.heb12.com

<Location /search>
	ProxyPass http://localhost:5000

<Location /get>
	ProxyPass http://localhost:5500/get/

Nginx configuration

server_name api.heb12.com;

autoindex on;

root /var/www/api;
index index.html index.php;

location /search {
	proxy_pass http://localhost:1235/;

location /get {
	proxy_pass http://localhost:1234/;