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  MasterOfTheSoftware 043d583fd8 Remove white entirely 1 month ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware 02708e5357 Add BSD-2-Clause license 1 month ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware 6010d0b4f1 Add some roadmap 1 month ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware 8803943d25 No same color in a row 1 month ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware b465ad726c Fix a few things 1 month ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware 0651c7c206 Move termux-elf-cleaner to android section 1 month ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware f1f11da09c Remove bad code switch 1 month ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware e3c4d075f6 Add install to makefile 1 month ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware 2b67443c5f Use kernel style 1 month ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware 07a8cc5f0c Fix double lines 2 months ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware dd796b8f59 Disable colors when output is piped 2 months ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware 2b5882532a Improve Makefile 2 months ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware 25da0a927c Support multiple files and - options + fix 2 months ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware a3a7723a12 Support multiple files as args 2 months ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware 5f1f55024a Fix bad call to printColors() 2 months ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware 55c9b67ff9 Add README.md 2 months ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware 57629f5dac Change name to rccat 2 months ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware 9af0fe079f Add changes by tleydxdy 2 months ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware 82bdef4527 Remove unused buffer-length 2 months ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware c791ec758b Update .gitignore 2 months ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware fa61a17367 Replace colors.c with the cli one 2 months ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware 3a94067f40 Separate into function 2 months ago
  MasterOfTheSoftware ac45b253fb Basic program 2 months ago