Depreciated NPM module for using certain free Bible translations
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This is a node module for easily calling up English Bibles. This is originally built as a dependancy for the Electron app Heb12 Desktop.


To install the module, run npm i openbibles.


const bible = require('openbibles')
console.log(bible('Genesis 1:1', 'en-kjv')) // Returns "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

Note: the language code on front of the translation name is not required for English due to backwards compatability. However, every other language requires language code (e.g. fr-bdc).

Supported Translations

You can use any of these translations with openbibles:

  • en-acv
  • en-asv
  • en-darby
  • en-jub2000
  • en-kj2000
  • en-kjv
  • en-nheb
  • en-rhe
  • en-rsv
  • en-wbt
  • en-web
  • en-ylt
  • fr-bdc


OpenBibles Copyright © 2018, 2019 MasterOfTheTiger. MIT License.

Uses some code from the Holy Bible Node module. Copyright © 2015 Brice Lin. MIT License.

Uses bibles from in English. They have been sorted through and only ones that have the full Bible are included. Copyright © 2015 Matthew Cook. MIT License. The actual Bible text belongs to their respective holders (see copyright notices in Bible files).