A simple Bible translation parser
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bver - the Bible version parser

bver is a simple tool to parse Bible translations. It is mostly made for programs that need to specify what translation a user entered.

This is a part of the Heb12 project. See more about us at https://code.theres.life/heb12


$ git clone https://code.theres.life/heb12/bver
$ cd bver
$ pip install .

Soon it will be published on PyPi. Then you will be able to simply run pip install bver.


Here is an example of basic usage:

import bver


This prints out the full name of the KJV (“King James Version”).

Here is an example of the information for a translation:

	"abbr": "KJV",
	"name": "King James Version",
	"aliases": [
		"Authorised Version", "Authorised King James Version", "Authorised (King James) Version",
		"Authorized Version", "Authorized King James Version", "Authorized (King James) Version",
		"King James Bible", "AV", "AKJV", "KJB"


Ideas for contributing include:

  • Improving the parser to handle more errors and adding new features
  • Adding more information about translations
  • Adding more translations


Copyright © 2020 Ted Jameson ted.jameson@pm.me

You may use this software under the terms of the MIT/Expat license as described in the LICENSE file.

The bible-translations.json file is derived from danday74’s work.